EC certification / acceptance

SCONRAIL delivers the technical documentation and assessment reports required in the context of EC certification of subsystems and components in line with the technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs). In so doing, SCONRAIL performs the tasks of the notified body (NoBo), as either NB 1991 or NB 2237, and delivers the necessary certificates.

SCONRAIL also assesses subsystems in line with notified national technical rules (NNTRs) and national technical rules (NTR) as a designated body (DeBo) of Switzerland and also in Great Britain, Germany and Austria and delivers the required assessment reports and certificates.

The figure below shows the context of EC certification, using the situation in Switzerland as an example.

Ukas 6794

SCONRAIL assures that the client possesses all the documents needed for acceptance of a subsystem by a national safety authority, including the safety assessment by the independent risk assessment body (AsBo).